All Natural Deodorant for sale (made with certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils)

I’m whipping up some batches of my world famous (ok, maybe not WORLD) natural deodorant this weekend and giving special orders a try!  Prices below for a 2.65 ounce tube (plus $2.50 shipping if I have to send it to you). Send me your order including oil choices if you are interested (! Below are most popular but if you have special requests or special needs (like sensitive skin, etc) let me know and we can do a special batch! All doTERRA oils being used (obviously since I am obsessed). 🙂 If you’d rather make it yourself (it’s so easy), I can send you the recipe and help you get set up with all the supplies.

On Guard/Melaleuca (tea tree) (maximum strength) – $12
Lemongrass/Lavender/Melaleuca (regular strength) – $10
Lavender/Melaleuca (for you lucky “I barely sweat” people) – $10