Coming soon…Stitch Fix Reviews!

Ok, I admit, I am addicted to online shopping…especially stuff that comes automatically every week, month, etc.  (I promise to do a food related post on all my subscription services soon…menu planning, organic produce deliveries…)  I have a small child so shopping, which was once a fun and stress-relieving endeavor, is now a race against time.  My most recent discovery is Stitch Fix!  It’s a service that sends you a box of 5 clothing/accessory items once a month (or you can forgo the automatic shipment and just request shipments on demand) to try out.  You get charged a $20 “styling fee” when the box ships.  You have three days from the package’s arrival to try everything on and decide what, if anything, you want to keep.  Items you DON’T want get sent back in a pre-paid, pre-labeled envelope that they include in your package…just drop it in the mailbox (and log into your account to let them know the items are coming back and why).  If there are items you DO want to keep, just log onto your account, select the items you are going to keep and check out.  The $20 styling fee gets credited to your total!  So as long as you purchase at least one item that is $20 or more, you avoid the styling fee.  And if you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your total!  I know people who actually use this service and have been quite happy with their monthly “Fixes” so far!

How do they know what you want or what you like?  When you sign up, you fill out a pretty detailed style profile which even includes info on your price range for each type of item (pants, shirts, bags, jewelry, etc. – I chose the “as cheap as possible” and “$50-100” price ranges for my items).  You can leave notes for your “stylist” and when you choose to keep or return items, you can leave notes as to why or what you’d like them to focus on instead.  You can choose colors or patterns that you don’t want…they seem pretty detail oriented.  AND, the theory is that the longer you use the program, the better they get to know you and your style and the more successful your boxes become!

Click here to check out Stitch Fix!  Sign up!  Get a Fix!  And stay tuned for my monthly Stitch Fix reviews!  I haven’t really purchased any new clothes since I got pregnant and I am pumped to update my wardrobe!


2 thoughts on “Coming soon…Stitch Fix Reviews!

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