Stitch Fix #4 – December 2014

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There is nothing more exciting than coming home and finding your Stitch Fix package waiting for you!  I have dreaded shopping for myself over the last few years and Stitch Fix has truly made it fun again!  I am really updating my wardrobe (which NEEDED it) and I am starting to get compliments on my outfits!  The compliments are usually followed by a question from the complimentor, “Stitch Fix?”…but hey, it doesn’t matter who is putting my outfits together as long as I am the one wearing them, right?

(If you need more information about what Stitch Fix is, click here to read my prior blog post about it.)

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Please don’t mind the pink tie-dyed sweat-socks that show up in half the pictures…

1.  41 Hawthorn Lana Lace Detail  Blouse (Cobalt) – $58
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When I did the Google sneak-peak, I knew I would like this shirt.  It is definitely something I would pick out at the store.  I like the color, I like the fabric, and I like the lace detail.  The shirt fits well and flows well.  Seems like pretty good quality. It will be great with a suit but can also be dressed down with a pair of skinny pants or skinny jeans.
Status: Kept
2.  Market and Spruce Berneen Graphic Print Dolman (Fuchsia) – $64
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At first glance,  I really thought I would like this shirt. In general, I like dolman tops.  They are something a little different, an unusual shape to add the wardrobe.  I also liked the print.   Not something I would have gravitated to when shopping on my own but I love the aspect of Stitch Fix that forces you to try something new.  I almost always surprise myself with how much I like the “outside my comfort zone” items.  Unfortunately,  I did not love this shirt when I tried it on.  The fabric seemed a little cheap and the shirt fit weird.   The sleeves were an odd length and seemed unusually tight.  The sleeves also had a seam on the top and underneath the arm. Weird.   The hubby did like it (which surprised me) but since I wasn’t entralled with it, I decided to send it back.   No point in keeping something so-so when next month could be something great!
Status: Returned
3.  RD Style Maureen Twisted Seam Elbow Patch Sweater (Navy) – $64
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I need some casual sweaters and I LOVE elbow patches (makes me think of cool, fall college days) so I was immediately drawn to this sweater.  I like how it is a loose weave and will work through three seasons depending on what you put under it.  I also like that it is longer in back than the front, however, the front seems to be a little shorter than I would have expected.  I read some reviews of this sweater which mentioned that it stretched out weirdly with wear so I have some concerns about it.  There was also an area on the front hem that seemed to be two pieces of yarn tied together so possibly some quality issues which would be unfortunate given the mid-range price point.  But, I guess we will see because the sweater is super cute and I am willing to give it a chance.  I must find a way to make this into a work appropriate piece because I want to wear it all the time (the style cards show it with a cream pencil skirt and blazer so maybe it can happen).
Status: Kept
4.  Liverpool Mira Skinny Pull-On Jean (Black) – $78
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I really don’t need another pair of skinny jeans.  I really don’t.  But these were soooooooo comfortable.  Soft and stretchy and AN ELASTIC WAISTBAND.  I can’t say no to that.  I have to say, I have been pretty impressed with Stitch Fix’s ability to send me pants that actually fit.  These fit like a glove.  The wash is a very dark black and they have more of a pant fabric than a true jean fabric so I am keeping them with the intention to dress them up and wear to work or out on the town (because that happens so often these days…).  The rear pockets are true pockets but the front are just for show.  Who cares.  🙂  Sorry the picture of me wearing the jeans doesn’t really show too much, it was hard to capture the look of the jeans since the wash was so dark.
Status:  Kept
5.  41 Hawthorn Harriet Chevron Print Detail Dress (Black) – $64
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This definitely is not my style on first glance.  I guess it had the potential to be cute (it looked ok in photos), but the waist seemed to hit at a weird spot.  Too high for a traditional waist and too low for an empire waist dress.  And the fabric at the waistline puffed out and made me appear as if I had a pooch.  Ok, I do need to do a little toning, but it made me appear as if I had more of a pooch than I do.  And even if I didn’t have a little extra cushioning in that area, it would not have made a difference….it was the fabric or the seam or something that was falling strangely.  Speaking of fabric, I did like the quality of the fabric of this dress.  A thicker satin-like fabric than I would have expected.  A good quality for the price, except the waistline issue.  Another negative for the dress…I really don’t need a cute dress-up dress.  Not Stitch Fix’s fault.
Status: Returned
All in all, I was happy with my Fix again!  I have to say, I was a little worried that I was going to want to keep every item in every Fix and go broke!  So it’s nice to regularly have 5 options sent and to really only want to keep a few of them with the occasional “keep the whole box”.  That being said, I am going to start extending my Fix shipments out to at least 6 weeks because I don’t need to be buying even one new clothing item per month, every month.  I wish I could though!!
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