Stitch Fix #5 – January 2015

What is Stitch Fix and how does it work?  Read my prior post all about it here.


This was the first Fix that I have spaced out for more than a month.  I’ve been keeping so many items out of the boxes, that I need to slow down.  I don’t need THAT many new clothing items and can’t be spending over a hundred dollars EVERY month on clothing for myself.  That being said, I got a Stitch Fix gift card for Christmas so I had some credit to use and was looking forward to spending it.  So, I was SUPER excited to get my email that the Fix had shipped.  Did the google search which gave me so-so results.  Two items I thought I’d keep, two I thought probably not, and one that I couldn’t find.  The Fix was delivered quickly and here is the result:

1.  41Hawthorn Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse (Black) – $58


This was one of the items I thought I would keep.  A nice, basic shirt that I can dress up for work or down for the weekend.  It has a few extra details (like the roushed sleeve and buttons on the shoulders) that make it a little special.  I probably would have picked a color other than black if I was in the store but since black is what they sent, black it is.  The shirt seemed a good quality, the edging detail was actually quite nice (a little thicker than the fabric of the shirt, gives it some good weight), so I felt like it was worth the price.  It fit well and looked cute.

 Status: Kept

2.  41Hawthorn Teegan Draped Blazer (Black) – $78


This jacket was strange.  The body fit fine but the 3/4  length sleeves were tight (and I don’t have particularly fat arms).  The way the sleeves were scrunched up didn’t help the fit, it made the sleeves fall in a weird place too.  And there isn’t anything you can do about it.  You can’t fold them up because they have a lining and you can’t leave them unsnapped because you’d then have a random snap in the middle of your tricep.  The lapels of the jacket are also very strange.  So big and don’t drape the way you’d think they would.  And again, black.  You will hear it many times in this post but…boring.  Oh, and I don’t really wear blazers so this was certainly not worth it to me.

 Status: Returned

3.  41Hawthorn McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse (Navy) – $48


First things first…it’s navy blue.  I need some color in my life, and this isn’t cutting it.  I was excited to see something with lace detail in my fix but this disappointed.  Not only was the shirt sort of cheap looking (especially the lace), it really just fit like a polyester non-fitted t-shirt.  I guess it could have been a keeper in a better color and if it was a bit better quality but, alas, it was not.  I was also not a huge fan of the crew neck.  Boring (see, told you I was going to use this word a lot).

 Status: Returned

4.  Renee C Melisa Skirt (Pink) – $48


You aren’t going to get a picture of me wearing this skirt.  WAY. TOO. TIGHT.  No “medium” sized person could fit in this skirt.  But, I admit I do like the pattern and the cut of the skirt (a cotton/poly blend pull-on pencil skirt).   The fabric was a bit on the lightweight side which probably wouldn’t bode well for me anyway.  This was one of the items I thought I’d keep so it was disappointing.  I could have used a little color in my winter wardrobe.

 Status: Returned

5.  Karen Kane Malory Pant (Black) – $88

20150127_183836_resized 20150127_183903_resized

Well, you aren’t going to see me modeling these pants either.  Not because they look terrible, but because the zipper was broken when I took them out of the box.  Couldn’t even unzip them to try them on if I wanted to.  Disappointment number one.  I didn’t think I’d be keeping them anyway since they are meant to be slightly cropped to be worn with flats and that is just not the look for me.  The quality didn’t seem to be worth the price either.  Even though the pants have a side (broken) zipper, they have a very prominent seam right down the front (and rear) of the pants.  Like, right down the crotch area.  Weird.  Also, I really don’t need another pair of boring black work pants.

 Status:  Returned

What was up with this Fix?  It was like the stylist was trying to make my wardrobe MORE boring.  I can handle that on my own.  The reason I subscribed to Stitch Fix was to try new and different things.  This box was not that.  All black or navy and really uninteresting styles and cuts.  I’ve been looking to try the lace trend and they even managed to make that boring.  Trying to get rid of last year’s leftovers before rolling out new trends for 2015?  Either way, this box was a dud which was even more disappointing given the pretty good Fixes I have received recently.  I left a detailed note for my stylist and a link to my blog and Pinterest pages so fingers crossed for next time.  And the good news is that I still have credit left for my next Fix which will hopefully be more exciting!  I’m not giving up yet!   Schedule your Fix here!  And follow me on Facebook and Instagram!