Stitch Fix #5 – January 2015

What is Stitch Fix and how does it work?  Read my prior post all about it here.


This was the first Fix that I have spaced out for more than a month.  I’ve been keeping so many items out of the boxes, that I need to slow down.  I don’t need THAT many new clothing items and can’t be spending over a hundred dollars EVERY month on clothing for myself.  That being said, I got a Stitch Fix gift card for Christmas so I had some credit to use and was looking forward to spending it.  So, I was SUPER excited to get my email that the Fix had shipped.  Did the google search which gave me so-so results.  Two items I thought I’d keep, two I thought probably not, and one that I couldn’t find.  The Fix was delivered quickly and here is the result:

1.  41Hawthorn Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse (Black) – $58


This was one of the items I thought I would keep.  A nice, basic shirt that I can dress up for work or down for the weekend.  It has a few extra details (like the roushed sleeve and buttons on the shoulders) that make it a little special.  I probably would have picked a color other than black if I was in the store but since black is what they sent, black it is.  The shirt seemed a good quality, the edging detail was actually quite nice (a little thicker than the fabric of the shirt, gives it some good weight), so I felt like it was worth the price.  It fit well and looked cute.

 Status: Kept

2.  41Hawthorn Teegan Draped Blazer (Black) – $78


This jacket was strange.  The body fit fine but the 3/4  length sleeves were tight (and I don’t have particularly fat arms).  The way the sleeves were scrunched up didn’t help the fit, it made the sleeves fall in a weird place too.  And there isn’t anything you can do about it.  You can’t fold them up because they have a lining and you can’t leave them unsnapped because you’d then have a random snap in the middle of your tricep.  The lapels of the jacket are also very strange.  So big and don’t drape the way you’d think they would.  And again, black.  You will hear it many times in this post but…boring.  Oh, and I don’t really wear blazers so this was certainly not worth it to me.

 Status: Returned

3.  41Hawthorn McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse (Navy) – $48


First things first…it’s navy blue.  I need some color in my life, and this isn’t cutting it.  I was excited to see something with lace detail in my fix but this disappointed.  Not only was the shirt sort of cheap looking (especially the lace), it really just fit like a polyester non-fitted t-shirt.  I guess it could have been a keeper in a better color and if it was a bit better quality but, alas, it was not.  I was also not a huge fan of the crew neck.  Boring (see, told you I was going to use this word a lot).

 Status: Returned

4.  Renee C Melisa Skirt (Pink) – $48


You aren’t going to get a picture of me wearing this skirt.  WAY. TOO. TIGHT.  No “medium” sized person could fit in this skirt.  But, I admit I do like the pattern and the cut of the skirt (a cotton/poly blend pull-on pencil skirt).   The fabric was a bit on the lightweight side which probably wouldn’t bode well for me anyway.  This was one of the items I thought I’d keep so it was disappointing.  I could have used a little color in my winter wardrobe.

 Status: Returned

5.  Karen Kane Malory Pant (Black) – $88

20150127_183836_resized 20150127_183903_resized

Well, you aren’t going to see me modeling these pants either.  Not because they look terrible, but because the zipper was broken when I took them out of the box.  Couldn’t even unzip them to try them on if I wanted to.  Disappointment number one.  I didn’t think I’d be keeping them anyway since they are meant to be slightly cropped to be worn with flats and that is just not the look for me.  The quality didn’t seem to be worth the price either.  Even though the pants have a side (broken) zipper, they have a very prominent seam right down the front (and rear) of the pants.  Like, right down the crotch area.  Weird.  Also, I really don’t need another pair of boring black work pants.

 Status:  Returned

What was up with this Fix?  It was like the stylist was trying to make my wardrobe MORE boring.  I can handle that on my own.  The reason I subscribed to Stitch Fix was to try new and different things.  This box was not that.  All black or navy and really uninteresting styles and cuts.  I’ve been looking to try the lace trend and they even managed to make that boring.  Trying to get rid of last year’s leftovers before rolling out new trends for 2015?  Either way, this box was a dud which was even more disappointing given the pretty good Fixes I have received recently.  I left a detailed note for my stylist and a link to my blog and Pinterest pages so fingers crossed for next time.  And the good news is that I still have credit left for my next Fix which will hopefully be more exciting!  I’m not giving up yet!   Schedule your Fix here!  And follow me on Facebook and Instagram!


Stitch Fix #4 – December 2014

20141217_133528_resized (1)

There is nothing more exciting than coming home and finding your Stitch Fix package waiting for you!  I have dreaded shopping for myself over the last few years and Stitch Fix has truly made it fun again!  I am really updating my wardrobe (which NEEDED it) and I am starting to get compliments on my outfits!  The compliments are usually followed by a question from the complimentor, “Stitch Fix?”…but hey, it doesn’t matter who is putting my outfits together as long as I am the one wearing them, right?

(If you need more information about what Stitch Fix is, click here to read my prior blog post about it.)

2014-12-17 13.25.05_resized

Please don’t mind the pink tie-dyed sweat-socks that show up in half the pictures…

1.  41 Hawthorn Lana Lace Detail  Blouse (Cobalt) – $58
20141215_210005_resized 20141215_203416_resized
When I did the Google sneak-peak, I knew I would like this shirt.  It is definitely something I would pick out at the store.  I like the color, I like the fabric, and I like the lace detail.  The shirt fits well and flows well.  Seems like pretty good quality. It will be great with a suit but can also be dressed down with a pair of skinny pants or skinny jeans.
Status: Kept
2.  Market and Spruce Berneen Graphic Print Dolman (Fuchsia) – $64
20141215_205537_resized (1) 20141215_203658_resized
At first glance,  I really thought I would like this shirt. In general, I like dolman tops.  They are something a little different, an unusual shape to add the wardrobe.  I also liked the print.   Not something I would have gravitated to when shopping on my own but I love the aspect of Stitch Fix that forces you to try something new.  I almost always surprise myself with how much I like the “outside my comfort zone” items.  Unfortunately,  I did not love this shirt when I tried it on.  The fabric seemed a little cheap and the shirt fit weird.   The sleeves were an odd length and seemed unusually tight.  The sleeves also had a seam on the top and underneath the arm. Weird.   The hubby did like it (which surprised me) but since I wasn’t entralled with it, I decided to send it back.   No point in keeping something so-so when next month could be something great!
Status: Returned
3.  RD Style Maureen Twisted Seam Elbow Patch Sweater (Navy) – $64
2014-12-17 13.31.25_resized 20141217_132539_resized_1
I need some casual sweaters and I LOVE elbow patches (makes me think of cool, fall college days) so I was immediately drawn to this sweater.  I like how it is a loose weave and will work through three seasons depending on what you put under it.  I also like that it is longer in back than the front, however, the front seems to be a little shorter than I would have expected.  I read some reviews of this sweater which mentioned that it stretched out weirdly with wear so I have some concerns about it.  There was also an area on the front hem that seemed to be two pieces of yarn tied together so possibly some quality issues which would be unfortunate given the mid-range price point.  But, I guess we will see because the sweater is super cute and I am willing to give it a chance.  I must find a way to make this into a work appropriate piece because I want to wear it all the time (the style cards show it with a cream pencil skirt and blazer so maybe it can happen).
Status: Kept
4.  Liverpool Mira Skinny Pull-On Jean (Black) – $78
20141217_132808_resized 20141215_204415_resized
I really don’t need another pair of skinny jeans.  I really don’t.  But these were soooooooo comfortable.  Soft and stretchy and AN ELASTIC WAISTBAND.  I can’t say no to that.  I have to say, I have been pretty impressed with Stitch Fix’s ability to send me pants that actually fit.  These fit like a glove.  The wash is a very dark black and they have more of a pant fabric than a true jean fabric so I am keeping them with the intention to dress them up and wear to work or out on the town (because that happens so often these days…).  The rear pockets are true pockets but the front are just for show.  Who cares.  🙂  Sorry the picture of me wearing the jeans doesn’t really show too much, it was hard to capture the look of the jeans since the wash was so dark.
Status:  Kept
5.  41 Hawthorn Harriet Chevron Print Detail Dress (Black) – $64
20141217_133206_resized 20141217_132539_resized
This definitely is not my style on first glance.  I guess it had the potential to be cute (it looked ok in photos), but the waist seemed to hit at a weird spot.  Too high for a traditional waist and too low for an empire waist dress.  And the fabric at the waistline puffed out and made me appear as if I had a pooch.  Ok, I do need to do a little toning, but it made me appear as if I had more of a pooch than I do.  And even if I didn’t have a little extra cushioning in that area, it would not have made a difference….it was the fabric or the seam or something that was falling strangely.  Speaking of fabric, I did like the quality of the fabric of this dress.  A thicker satin-like fabric than I would have expected.  A good quality for the price, except the waistline issue.  Another negative for the dress…I really don’t need a cute dress-up dress.  Not Stitch Fix’s fault.
Status: Returned
All in all, I was happy with my Fix again!  I have to say, I was a little worried that I was going to want to keep every item in every Fix and go broke!  So it’s nice to regularly have 5 options sent and to really only want to keep a few of them with the occasional “keep the whole box”.  That being said, I am going to start extending my Fix shipments out to at least 6 weeks because I don’t need to be buying even one new clothing item per month, every month.  I wish I could though!!
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Stitch Fix #3 Review – End of October 2014

Glorious news…I got two fixes in the month of October!!  I am on the every-four-weeks plan and there just happened to be more than 4 weeks in October this year!  So, on Halloween, I came home to a beautiful Stitch Fix box.  Now, as usual, when I got the email that my Fix shipped earlier in the week, I went on and googled all the items on my checkout page.  I’ll admit, I was disappointed.  I really thought there would only be one item that I would like.  At least three things that were definitely going back and one “maybe”…boy was I wrong…

Image (10)

If you need more information about what Stitch Fix is, click here to read my prior blog post about it.

1.  Market and Spruce Mattie S/S Cowl Neck Knit Dress – Black $78

Image (7)

This is the one item I knew I would like right off the bat.  I am in need of some dresses and this one looked to be cute.  When it arrived, I was a little disappointed that it was black and not some other fun color but black is practical I suppose.  Really cute on, fits great, love the jersey material and extremely versatile.  Will work in pretty much any season and I love the pockets!  I also tried it on with my Market and Spruce Elissa French Terry Motto Jacket from Stitch Fix #1.  Love this dress.

Status:  Kept

2.  Cooper Cathleen Metallic Dot Tulip Sleeve Blouse – Black $68

Image (9)

I was not sure what to expect with this one.  It was definitely not something I would pick for myself but I liked the metallic detail and the flowyness.  One weird thing was that there was a seam right down the front of the shirt and the pattern didn’t exactly line up.  BUT, the fit was cute, it was just the right length and was really different.  And I REALLY need some shirts that I can wear to work.  So I can overlook the weird seam.  I guess with the way it drapes it won’t be too noticeable.

Status: Kept

3.  TCEC Donelle V-Neck Button-Up Cardigan – Green $58

Image (8)

Another item I thought was just going to be blah and ultimately returned.  I have a million sweaters and cardigans and this seemed like it was going to be weirdly long.  But when I tried it on, it was super-duper soft, fit really well, the color was great and I really liked the extra long length.  I tried it on with slim jeans (actually my Just Black Riley Distressed Boyfriend Jean from Stitch Fix #2) and it worked really well.  I think it will also work really well with a pencil skirt for work.  Must request some pencil skirts for work in my next fix.

Status:  Kept

4.  Mavi Freida Regular Length Skinny Jean – Navy $98

Image (11)

When I did the sneak-peak thing, I assumed these were going to be regular denim jeans.  I just got a pair of jeans that I love in my last fix and I actually have a few pairs that I picked up over the years that I am really happy with.  I don’t need any more jeans.  BUT, when my box arrived, I found a beautifully soft, stretchy, dark navy pair of pants.  Not really jeans in the sense that I think of jeans.  And I was really happy with the way they fit (though I am hoping they don’t stretch out too much).  I think they could even be dressed up and worn to work!

Status: Kept

5.  Pixley Lydia Faceted Stones Long Necklace – Navy $36

(Pictured above with the Jeans in #4) I have a good friend who sells Stella and Dot so I am pretty certain I will never need to buy jewelry from Stitch Fix…unless I love all 4 other items and need to buy the last thing to get 25% off my whole fix…this is it, the FIRST TIME I AM KEEPING THE WHOLE FIX!!!  So exciting!!!  And I do like the necklace so I will definitely get use out of it.

Status:  Kept

I can’t believe it only took 3 Fixes to get a white whale “keep the whole thing” box!!  This could start to become dangerous!  That being said, you ALL need to sign up for your first Fix here!  After 3 months, my current review is that you will not regret it!!   I think it is time to start purging my closet of the old junk.  I need to stick to the plan of buy one new thing, get rid of one old thing.  Stay tuned for next month and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

Stitch Fix #2 Review – October 2014

My second Fix arrived on a Friday which was super exciting to me because I had the whole weekend to try everything on and show a few friends in person before I had to make my decisions.

photo 2

photo 3

Let me just say, I am totally loving Stitch Fix.  In the days leading up to the arrival of my Fix, I check the mail anxiously every day hoping it will arrive early (which it did this month, it was scheduled for Saturday, October 4th).  Even though I pretty much know I am only going to buy one or two things, it is so exciting to see what’s in the box!  If you want more information about what Stitch Fix is, click here to read my prior blog post about it.  Ok, here is what I got this month:

1.  Tart Colbie Striped French Terry 3/4 Sleeve Blazer (blue) – $128

 Image (1)

Fit really well.  I thought it was a little weird that there were slight shoulder pads but they gave the blazer a nice shape which I assume is important since it is such a soft fabric.  It was incredible comfortable and would be really cute with both work pants and casual jeans.  My issues with the jacket were the price ($128) and the fact that I probably don’t have too much right now that would go with it.  Maybe if it were a different color or pattern, I would have sprung for it.

Status: Sent Back

2.  Mak Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan (burgundy) – $38

3.  Papermoon Cecil 3/4 Sleeve Aline Dress (grey) – $68

Image (3) Image (4)

Cardigan:  Fit fine, good price.  Nothing special at all.  I already have a million cardigans.

Dress:  There was something just not right about the way this dress fit.  The waist is elasticized and seemed too tight and too high.  When I tied the sash, even when I tied it tight, it hung down below the waist line and looked a little strange.  Overall, not particularly flattering.  Maybe it would have been better in the next size up, though I feel like it might have been too BIG at that point.  Also, I already have a few grey dresses so this one wasn’t a stand-out to me.

 Status:  Sent Both Back

4.  Just Black Riley Distressed Boyfriend Jean – $68


These jeans are also pictured above where I am modeling the Blazer.  I knew from doing the sneak peek preview (googling the items on my checkout screen as soon as they ship) that I was going to love these jeans and keep them.  They did not disappoint.  Although they were pretty tight (jegging tight) when I first put them on, they fit perfectly, were so soft, and stretched out to the perfect relaxed fit.  I’m not sure exactly what boyfriend jeans are supposed to be, but these are fabulous.  And how can you beat $68 for jeans?

Status:  Kept

5.  Margaret M Duboce Straight Leg Jean (white) – $58

Image (2)

Let me say, from the start, I knew these were going back.  There are people who can probably pull off tight white pants…but I am not one of them.  You may be wondering what the top of the pants looked like on me, but I am doing you a favor by not showing you.  That being said, the size was right, they were really comfortable and I liked the cut.  If they were a color other than white, I probably would have kept them.

Status:  Sent Back

Even though I only kept one item out of this box, I was not disappointed.  There were a few close calls and I feel like my stylist is on the right track.  I have heard that every month your Fix will improve as long as you leave honest feedback on why you kept or sent back items (which I am trying to do).  Looking forward to my next Fix!  Schedule your Fix here!  And follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

Stitch Fix #1 – Review

photo 1 (1)

I got my first Stitch Fix box yesterday!! (For a description of what Stitch Fix is and how it works, check out my previous post “Stitch Fix Reviews Coming Soon”) I have been looking forward to it soooo much! Even did the “sneak preview” thing by opening up the “checkout now” screen as soon as my box shipped and googling the names of all the items. Ha! There were a few things I liked right off the bat and a few things that I thought weren’t really “me”. But I was anxious to get the box and try everything on because isn’t the point of this exercise to get out of my comfort zone a little and try new things?

Image (5)

Anyway, the box arrived and I immediately tore into it. I think it could have been packaged prettier but I really liked the cards that give you suggestions on how to wear the items in your box. Please don’t mind how gross I look in these photos, it was early in the morning, I have no make-up on and am generally terrible at posing for pictures. (Will try to do better next time). Also don’t mind the wandering baby…ok, here we go:

1. 41Hawthorn Maya Flutter Sleeve Blouse-Cobalt: $58
Image (4)
Didn’t fit quite right and even though I thought I would like that it was longer in the back than the front, it didn’t look right on. Also, the fabric was weird, a really thick polyester. Though the quality was decent, overall, it is not something I’d normally spend $58 on.

Status: Return.

2. Collective Concepts Esten Button Up Sleeveless Blouse-Dark Purple: $54
Image (3)
Looked like nothing special on the hanger but was really cute on. I like the color and the fabric. Would even be willing to spend $54 on it…but I am trying to limit myself to keeping only 2 pieces because I have already spent too much money on myself this month and this ranked #3 in the box.

Status: Sadly, return.

3. Renee C Raiya 3/4 Sleeve Vneck Floral Shift Dress-Navy: $74
Image (1)
At first sight, I wasn’t all about this pattern. Out of my comfort zone. But the style of the dress screams Maria (Bobo? Hippie?). My fear was that it would just hang and be shapeless. Fears not realized! It actually was flowy but not it an unflattering way! It will look really cute with wedges in early fall and boots in late fall. And I decided to take a risk on the pattern. Plus, my husband gave it the thumbs up which I was not expecting!

Status: Keep.

4. 41Hawthorn Ashland Chevron Print Dress-Blue: $78
Image (2)
Again, wasn’t so sure about it on first glance. The pattern seemed a bit “much” to me. But of course it fit really well and looked cute. I like the style and the fabric (which was more substantial than it seemed when I google-previewed it). Would have kept it if I wasn’t trying to be “good”.

Status: Reluctantly return.

5. Market and Spruce Elissa French Terry Motto Jacket-Grey: $68
I loved this jacket when I google-previewed it. I have to say it ever so slightly disappointed in person. It was a little shorter and less fitted than I thought it would be. But I still loved it and I think it will be a very versatile piece for the fall.

Status: Keep

Overall, I was really happy with my first “Fix”! Nothing too risky but got me out of my comfort zone a little bit, definitely some things I wouldn’t have tried on otherwise. And my husband liked everything (except the flutter shirt) too! The style was pretty on point for me. If I had unlimited funds, I would have kept 4 things. So far success! Looking forward to “Fix” #2 which is due to arrive October 4th! Want a “Fix” of your own? Click here: